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Ozarka Water Source Information


Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water, which has been in existence since 1905, is a leading selling bottled water product in Texas and throughout the southcentral United States.


Though Ozarka Spring Water Company officially began in 1905, our roots can be traced back for centuries. Prior to being bottled deep in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the site of the brand’s original source had long been considered sacred ground.


Over time, the marvels of Eureka Springs became known throughout the state and quickly the town became a vacation destination as well as a place to simply come for a drink of what was called the “liquid cure.” As the town’s notoriety grew, so did the popularity of the spring water. Although Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water is no longer sourced from Eureka Springs, you can still enjoy its great taste throughout Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and portions of Tennessee, Missouri, and Kansas.

Sources of Water*

Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water is sourced from various east-Texas springs located in 7,200 acres of woodlands in Henderson, Walker and Wood counties. Beneath this beautiful countryside, the rocks are composed mostly of silica-remnants from when the seas retreated from the area during the Cretaceous Period (approximately 80 million years ago). Because silica does not dissolve easily, the water from our spring sources is relatively low in mineral content, which is the reason for Ozarka’s refreshing great taste.


We continue to review our current sources and occasionally seek new sources that meet our mountain spring water requirements and standards.


Spring water sources: Roher Spring, Henderson County, TX; Moffitt Spring, Walker County, TX; Piney Woods Springs, Wood County, TX; Clear Springs, Wood County, TX.


Distilled water sources: may either be a well or municipal supply.


Drinking water sources: may either be a well or municipal supply.


(* as of January, 2011)

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